Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Baby 2

I wrote this letter the day we found out we were expecting Baby #2.  Even though it makes me cry so hard to read it now, I wanted to publish it anyway, as a reminder of how much love and excitement we had for our little baby.  I don't want it to be as though this little one was never a part of our lives - and here's the very first proof just how a part of our lives he/she was in a short time.

June 4, 2012

Dear Baby 2,

O my dear child, your daddy and I were THRILLED today to discover we are expecting you!  Words just can't express how excited we are to meet you!

We've planned and waited for this day for months.  There have been a few months of disappointment, of crushed hopes...but all that flew out of my mind when I saw those two little lines on the pregnancy test!

I want you to know, little one, that we are just as excited for your arrival as we were for your big brothers'! Maybe even more so - because now we know just how much love and fun and excitement you will bring into our lives.

Your father and I always knew we were meant to be a family of four.  We are so blessed that you are on your way to complete our family.

all our love,
Mama, Daddy, and Big Brother Cole


  1. There will always be proof, sweetie. Your Angel Baby lived, even for a brief period. I keep a card from my SIL tucked in my shirt drawer. She sent a "congratulations" card when we announced we were pregnant, and shortly after that, we lost Baby. That card is my proof. A yellow card with pink and blue teddy bears. A meaningless piece of paper to most, but proof to me. There was a child that lived in me, forever loved, but resting safely in my Father's arms until the day I meet them.

    Keep that letter. Tuck it away. Bring it out and cry when you need to, but keep it as long as you need it. Don't feel silly. You're not alone sweetie. I will always remember my Baby, and I know you will remember yours <3

  2. I've been horrible about commenting since I changed jobs this spring, but I just wanted to say again (in case I never did before) that I'm so sorry for your guys' loss. You've been in my thoughts since I first read about it and I'm sorry that I'm just getting here now to comment.


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