Friday, August 31, 2012

Setting Goals

After our loss a few weeks ago, my mom and I were talking about how important it was for me to keep busy until we are given the go-ahead to try for another baby.  So I got to thinking and making lists (I KNOW! Me, make lists?! I'm shocked too, I NEVER make lists) about some big and small things I want to get accomplished in the next 6-12 months.  And what better way to be held accountable than to publish them on internet, right?

1. Make freezer meals
       -When I was SOOOO sick this last pregnancy, I lamented the fact that I planned on making a few weeks' worth of dinners in the freezer for when the baby came - but that I didn't make any freezer dinners for when I had 24 hour a day morning sickness.  So when we start trying again, I will start loading up our freezer with pre-made meals for days I feel icky.

2. Start a music and art group for toddlers?
       - I'm considering starting up a group for toddlers once a week for a half hour or so with fun music and maybe some simple art/creativity projects.  I'm always looking for fun ways to help socialize Cole, but we're not quite ready to put him in preschool yet.

3. Pack for moving
      - HOPEFULLY, we will be buying a house soon and moving.  HOPEFULLY.  So packing and unpacking and organizing our new home will be an awesome way to keep me busy!

4. Photography porfolio put together
      - This one I may be most excited about.  I'm not sure if my photography skills are good enough to start charging for photos, but I won't know until I do more of it and build up my portfolio.  So this winter I'm planning on doing some family, maternity, newborn, and child photography - so if you live in Southern Oregon and want some pictures, email me!

5. Write a book
      - I love to write.  Not sure if I have the time to write a book right now, but it could be fun - and definitely would keep me busy and occupied!

6. Etsy shop
     - This has been on my want-to-try list for over a year now.  I have so many baby sewing projects and crafts that I love to make, I'm wondering if perhaps I could sell some for a bit of extra money.

7. Start a book club
     - A MUST.  I was in a book club before we moved and it was SO much fun! 

8. Make a card table fort for Cole
    - Also been on the to-do list for a while.  I don't think it will take too long to make, it's just been me putting it off.  Cole's favorite hidey-hole spot is under our dining room table - what kid doesn't like a fort, right?

So there we have it.  Lots of projects to keep me busy.  I can't wait to get started!

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  1. Great idea's Mandy!
    Can't wait to see you accomplish some.


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