Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Bear

When we were visiting SoCal, we made a day trip to the resort town of Big Bear - it was perfect weather and I loved the tourist-y feel of it!  The drive up was crazy twisty-turny, but the view at the top was totally worth it:
And I like this view quite a bit as well:
We had a lovely lunch... Cole doesn't look so happy in this picture, but he really had a great time!
The weekend we were up there, Big Bear had a HUGE classic car show.  I so totally don't know anything about classic cars ("Hey honey... is that one a Ford?  Or maybe a Camaro?  Or...what was the one that was Bumblebee on Transformers?  Is is like that one?"  And Chris just rolls his eyes.).  But I love admiring the shiny paint jobs!
Mom was such a good sport and posed for me on these hysterical chairs!  I want a set for around my dining room table!  (I'm totally joking, don't get me these for Christmas)
Love my mama!

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