Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Nemisis

I feel pretty confident by now with most things parenting-related.  Diaper changes? No problem - can practically do them in my sleep (and I often do!).  Baths? Totally a non-issue.  Buckling a squirmy infant into his carseat? No prob, Bob. 

But I have a parenting nemisis: fingernails.

Those teeny-tiny ridiculously sharp super fast growing fingernails.

I am at a loss as to how to keep said fingernails short without harming the teeny-tiny fingers they grow on.  Our pediatrician recommended tearing the nails - HA! Easier said than done.  They are so thin they end up bending.  Then she said to bite them.  HA! Also not so easy - remember the squirmy infant thing?  Then, she said to use nail scissors.

We tried this last night, which consisted of me holding the sleeping babe while Chris cut his nails and me gasping loudly in a panic every time the scissors were remotely close to Cole's finger, so the nails were not trimmed very closely.

My poor baby is probably going to be mistaken for a little girl soon because of his girlishly long nails.  So any mamas out there have any tips? I am desperate!

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  1. When Isaac was a tiny dude like Cole, we used to file his nails with normal emery boards because they were so thin. When they got thicker, we waited until he was sleeping to trim them up. Now that he's three, it's not an issue because it's just routine.

    Good luck sweetie! The first times are pretty nerve wracking! Best of luck :)


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