Saturday, August 21, 2010

Palm Springs

We spent the last two weeks visiting my parents in Southern California.  A few days after we arrived, we went to Palm Springs... because 102 degrees was just feeling a little chilly, so we needed the 116 degree heat in the valley. 

Fortunately, we took advantage of lots of super air-conditioned places.  We had a FANTASTIC meal at California Pizza Kitchen...mmmmm yum!
We spent some time in the car so I could pump - I never get tired of taking pictures of my little man!

Then we went to the Palm Springs Art Museum - it was fantastic!  And air-conditioned!

Doesn't this one look like a bad hair day?

AWWWWWW... this one has Christmas Card photo written all over it!!

And my little man was an angel, as always!  He especially enjoyed the Picasso, although he thought the Renior was also pretty exciting!

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