Saturday, August 21, 2010


Traveling with baby requires lots of STUFF.

What STUFF, you may ask?
Just look at this picture.  That's just for a quick little 2 hour day trip.

Now, Mandy, you say.  You don't really need two changes of clothes for yourself and three for the baby, now do you?

Why yes, yes I do!  Because this little man has a very clever habit of pooping out his diaper in very inopportune times (including IHOP, where I was VERY glad I had the foresight to bring myself a change of clothes...and to wear white underwear that wouldn't show through the white shorts!)

So when it comes to packing for a two-week vacation or even a 10 foot walk to the mailbox, the motto with babies is Be Prepared - you never know when you'll need that extra outfit change (and be sure your underwear matches!).


  1. How old is Cole? You are one good lookin' Mama! I hope I can look as good as you once my little dude is born!

  2. Oh thanks, Ana!!! You are so sweet! Cole is 10 weeks in that picture - crazy how fast it goes by!!! I'm sure you understand!


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